DSS VFO Update – Last Frequency Saved in EEPROM

I have updated the code to my Arduino DDS VFO sketch so the current set frequency is stored in EEPROM and recalled again upon boot-up. The code is 100% drop-in compatible with the old code and no re-wire is required. Simply upload the new sketch and your done. The frequency writes to the EEPROM after 3 seconds without changing. This was required so as not to overload the EEPROM as there are a finite amount of writes (100,000) before it may go bad. You can alter the delay time in my code as it is well documented.

View the entire project page for more details. If you have additional questions… just ask!

3 thoughts on “DSS VFO Update – Last Frequency Saved in EEPROM

  1. Hello Rich,
    I’m in the process of using the vfo set-up for my TS-830. More or less my own custom external vfo. Anyway looking at your code, I’ve not seen this ( int_fast32_t) used before in Arduino. Mind you I’m a noob with Arduino and its programming language. Can you explain this or direct me to where I may find this info?
    Hope you don’t mind if I “twist” your code for my needs.


    • Google is your friend…

      “int32_t is an integer which is exactly 32bits. It is useful if you want for example to create a struct with an exact memory placement. int_fast32_t is the “fastest” integer for your current processor that is at least bigger or equal to an int32_t.”


  2. Hi there!
    Just wanted to let you know that I built a version of your DDS VFO. It works wonderfully well! Just what I was looking for. Thank you for posting.

    If you’re interested, I’ve posted my small project to the aformentioned website in a post ”coildog Jan 04”. I want to try and use the VFO in a more complete receiver. So far I’ve got a prototype going.

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