Yes, No, and maybe!

Yes. This website and the project pages are still active. No, I don’t have an update on the VFO upgrade. Maybe this Summer, when I have some more time, I’ll get to posting the latest version I have been working on.

In the meantime… THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all who visit my site, try one of my projects, and send me a note about. I appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Yes, No, and maybe!

  1. Wonderful to find your website still operating and the DDS project still active.
    Thank you for all the work you have invested. I would like to build this VFO as part of getting active on-air again .. after many years not operating.
    Tony Burns, ZL1AHJ, Auckland, New Zealand.

  2. Thank you for providing me with a starting point for my homebrew signal generator.

    I have modified the code to allow me to use a VFD connected via I2C, which worked eventually ( I am a bit of a beginner at coding, despite having worked in It for over 40 years).

    Now alI I need to do is take off the band and licence class warnings, and add a 1 MHz step option. Oh and perhaps a low pass filter.

    Eventually I will upgrade my DDS chip to a 9951 for a cleaner output.
    Like all these things, 1 step at a time.


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