My name is Richard Visokey and I am an amateur radio operator with the call sign AD7C.  I was first licensed in February of 2008 as KE7SAK.  It took me about 3 months to upgrade to the General Class license  and about 6 months to upgrade to the Extra Class license. I  changed my call sign about 1 year after I upgraded to Extra class.  I reside with my wife and two dogs in Gilbert, Arizona which is a small suburban city within the metro Phoenix area.

Radio amazes me. Talking through the ether to far away lands and the randomness of contacts still makes me smile. I’ll never get over that.  I still remember the 1st ham contact I ever made and have enjoyed the thousands I have made since.

You can sometimes you can catch me portable, mobile, and typically QRP. I like to get outdoors and in Arizona you can do that almost all year around. I hold a private pilot license and I am an avid 4×4′er. I explore a lot of places and trails in and around AZ. If I am mobile or operating away from the house I often use APRS and report my position and monitoring frequencies.  You can check and see where my last position is by visiting aprs.fi.

I am a member of 4x4ham.com and the eastvalleyrepeatergroup.com. I am not much into contesting and prefer simple QSO’s rather than just “You’re 59. QRZ” exchanges.

As a note: The vanity call sign AD7C was previously held by Arthur D. Code of Tucson, Arizona.  Arthur was an well known astronomer and his contributions to astronomy lead to the development of the Hubble Space Telescope.

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  1. Richard,

    I am quite familiar with the Phoenix area as I have a brother who lived in Gilbert for a while and now resides in Maricopa. I also have a son, daughter in law, grandson, and granddaughter in Laveen on the west side. I have spent a lot of time at the General Motors proving ground, when it was still in Mesa, as an electronic engineering technician. I was encouraged by a friend to at least get a Technician Ham License, so as to properly use 2 meter. Electronics as a hobby now consumes most of my time just helping with some consultation and building up all kinds of stuff with eBay as a source of most of my unfinished projects. Even though Arduino is somewhat dated, it is a first for me as well as playing with Raspberry a bit as well. I like to tell people that I know just enough about electronics to be dangerous! :-)
    Very best wishes in your endeavors.
    Hartland, Michigan

  2. Mesa, AZ 5 Mar 2020

    I live in Mesa.

    I used a modified version of your AD9850 DDS UNO sketch and AutoIt script to write code to control my AD9850 with a GUI from the computer. It has a routine to calibrate the clock against WWV. I don’t have a web page. You do. I would like to know if it is good enough for you to put on your web page. I think that my computer GUI version is much more user friendly than the GUI version that I found when searching the web. If you can find the time please email or call me and let’s talk.

    TNX Larry K7UX

  3. I’m preparing a short memoir on Art Code for the National Academy of Sciences. The editor has asked for his call sign — I suspect that Code had many call signs as his Ham hobby turned into one of his many professional talents in astronomy and in the Navy. He moved to Tucson after he retired so that must have been his sign late in life. So is the sign “AD7C” its full expression or are there other parts of it? And do you know what his previous sign were? Many thanks, David DeVorkin

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