DIY Miracle Whip Antenna

I always liked the Miracle Whip / Wonder Wand type of QRP antenna’s but could never stomach the price.  So, I just built my own to use with my FT-817.

The antenna is a 6′ telescopic antenna from an old CB and the case is the cover/protector for my car stereo removable faceplate. The inductor and position switch were just a used toroid and a used 12 position switch I had around. It works very well and provides a decent match on most bands without fuss. You can see it in use here on YouTube.

I must say that it is mostly a dummy load.  While I have had a few decent QSO’s using this setup it’s less than great.  Another reason I’m glad I built it rather than bought it.  I can tell you that a ground (counterpoise) is essential to using this type of antenna.

picture 11 picture 4 picture 1

6 thoughts on “DIY Miracle Whip Antenna

  1. Dear OM, I am Jojith VU2JAW. I love the project and wish to make one. Kindly forward the details of diy miracle whip antenna.
    de Jojith

    • I have no exact details. The article fairly well sums up the plans. If you have specific questions… email me and I’ll try and answer.

    • The toroid was just an old MIX31 toroid I had lying around. No reason to the taps… Every couple of turns around I made a tap until I had 12 of them. Since enamel wire is cheap and easy to get you can try different turn/taps to get what works best for you. I have noticed the 1st couple of taps are worth less (position 1-3) so it is probably best to start the taps after a minimum of 5 turns.


  2. Salve ! Abito a Roma e spesso porto con me una versione di questa antenna autocostruita … Leggo spesso che richiede un contrappeso calcolato , ma io gli ho attaccato uno generico di 5 metri …. Però sembra funzionare lo stesso ! Dovrei mettere qualcosa di calcolato , visto che opero in 20-40 metri con l’817 / P ? Grazie ,Franz

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