Analog Devices AD9850

I’ve been searching the cheap electronics on eBay lately and I ran across a couple of items that look interesting. One of those items is an Analog Devices 9850 Square/Sine wave 1-40mhz signal generator.  What makes these things amazing is that they can be purchased for about $10 and that includes shipping.  So… I bought one!  It arrived and I was a little shocked at how small this little device actually is.

AD9850 Module

I have an Arduino that I just starting tinkering around on so my hope is to get the Arduino to drive the AD9850 and see what kind of oscillator I can make.  There are some other people who have already done this so I should be able to borrow some code rather than start from scratch.  Unfortunately my AD9850 arrived without any pinout schematic so I have to track that down first.

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