InstaMorph Antenna Repair

I have been using a music stand to hold my SuperAntenna MP-1 for some time. With the music stand “tripod” base I get the antenna feed point up off the ground a few feet and also I end up with elevated radials. You can see the stand in use in this video at about the 4:30 mark.

I was never very happy about the down-and-dirty way I attached the antenna to the music stand.  I basically used an old CB style mount and just clamped it to the metal stand.  See the ugly mess below.SuperAntenna MP-1 Antenna MountAll week I kept trying to thinking of a better way to mount the 3/8×24 SO239 adapter to the music stand.  You notice above that I also have a wood stick between the mounting plate and the metal tube.  This keeps them electrically separate (non conductive).  I didn’t want the stand to be a part of the antenna counterpoise… or at least directly a part of it.  I had some great ideas but everything I came up with was just too complicated.

Tada!  I remembered my InstaMorph.  So a little hot water and a small handful of pellets turned into a just the mount I wanted.  Since I use this QRP and outdoors every ounce of weight reduction really helps.Picture 138You can see the size difference between the two.
SuperAntenna MP-1 Music MountI still have a couple more items to fabricate to finish the project but I like where it’s going.  I just need to drill another hold and use a screw to attach it to the music stand base.  Fairly simple.

If you haven’t tried InstaMorph you do a search on YouTube and check out all the great thing you can do with it.  I’m not involved with them in anyway but just love their product.