Operating Portable from Hawaii

My wife and I are going to Hawaii for a week so I am going to bring along my QRP station and do some radio while away from home.

Hawaii presents an interesting challenge.  I’d love to take a full 100w rig and full size antenna along with me but weight and size make it an impossibility.  Besides, I am supposed to be on vacation and taking it easy… not struggling along with radio gear.

My portable setup is fairly simple. I’ll use my FT-817, Elecraft T1 tuner, some long spools of wire to setup either a dipole or an L, some coax, and extra NiMH batteries.  I am able to pack just about everything into a little carrying case I found at a discount store.Portable SetupI’ve used this setup before.  You can watch it here.  In fact, I am going to the exact same beach again.  With a little luck I’ll be able to make some nice DX contacts.  Hopefully the location will make it easier to get into the South Pacific or something exotic and beyond what my home QTH DX has turned up so far.